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Ethanol is unique! In the form of alcoholic beverages, it is drunk for pleasure by billions of people but is also an industrial chemical. Because of the consumption of alcoholic beverages, there are considerably more hazard data on ethanol, especially on humans, than on any other chemical.

This is a substance for which there are a large number of end uses, covering a great diversity of market sectors.  Equally there are many producers, and importers, from those who produce 500,000 tonnes each year, down to those producing a few tonnes only.  This was reflected in the many companies pre-registering ethanol for REACH – almost 3500.

Due to our particular expertise and background in this product, we can offer a particularly impressive service for those companies seeking to register ethanol. Both Chemsage and DCL have a long track record, more than 20 years, of involvement in ethanol.  Consequently, we have a great deal of experience in all aspects of this special product:

  • REACH and other HSE issues
  • Classification & labelling
  • Production and distribution
  • Denaturing
  • End use markets and downstream users
  • Trade issues and advocacy
  • Ethanol as a biofuel

In addition, if you need to generate analytical data which is required for the to support the submission of your ethanol registration dossier, then we can arrange that for you tooSo we can say confidently that we ‘understand’ ethanol!  And not just from a producer’s perspective, but also the requirements of importers.

This is why we are the best partners you can have in preparing your ethanol registration for REACH in 2013. We can offer a specific service on ethanol, tailored to the requirements of your organisation.  This can include:

  • Production of a co-registrant REACH registration dossier for 2013, or 2018
  • Advice on dealing with denatured ethanols
  • Guidance on dossier submission to ECHA
  • Help with IUCLID5
  • Generation of full analytical data on a provided sample of your product
  • Interpretation of existing analytical data you have on your product
  • Advice on whether your uses are covered by the exposure scenarios the lead registrant’s submission and, if required, generation of new ones.
  • Guidance on suitability of end uses, and coverage within REACH

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